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8 Things To Do Instead of "Quarantine & Chill"

By this time numerous cities/states have put out a mandatory 14 day stay at home order for their residents. Some of us have been working from home already for the last two weeks, some of us are still working because they are considered essential, and some of us are not able to work remotely, meaning no income coming in.

I know these times are hard, but here are 8 things we can be doing during this quarantine to stay productive.

1. Start writing a book. It could be your autobio, a romance novel, fiction/nonfiction book, children’s book, self-help book, whatever! Start writing that first draft. You never know what success this book can bring you.

2. Start your business plan. It doesn’t have to be an official business plan but write all of your thoughts down. Figure out what type of business you want to launch. What are all the products and/or services you want to provide? Once you start writing, everything will just flow on out. Need help? Get "Bridging the Gap Between Hustler and Entrepreneur" - Business Plan Workbook

3. Set 30 days goals. What do you want to accomplish? How do you plan to accomplish this goal? If you haven’t already, download the FREE 30 Day Planner to help get you started.

4. Start your own weight loss challenge. How long have you been saying you want to lose weight? There are many trainers that are giving free workouts on their Instagram pages to help you work out at home. Doing 30 mins a day is better than nothing. I have been working out 3 times a week. Is it hard? Yes, but I don’t want to have gained weight after all of this is said and done. Summer 2020 may be canceled, but I’m trying to convince myself that it’s not. I have some countries and islands that I need to go to this year.

5. Meditate – Find your purpose, talk to God or whoever you pray to, calm your anxiety, just get your mind right. Be still and be in the moment.

6. Online courses. Take this time to continue your education in your field or your industry. Most companies pay for continuing education courses. Take advantage of it. If your company doesn’t offer tuition reimbursement, take this time to invest in yourself. What would help you grow in your current position? What position or career do you want to transition to? Remember whatever you choose will always look great on your resume.

7. Research your industry. As a business owner, you should always be researching your industry and your competition. How are other businesses doing during this time? Is it working for them? Is this something you should consider? What are they not doing that will give you a competitive edge with your customers?

8. Start a podcast. Everyone is creating a podcast nowadays and it doesn’t have to be on any individual topic. I’m at the point that I’m tired of watching tv. I’ve been searching for different podcasts to listen to just so that I can hear about something different besides this virus.

What do you plan to accomplish during this “downtime”?

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