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How To Create a Blog/Vlog

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

I know this is different from the regular blog post that I write, however, it seems like I have been getting a lot of questions on this topic so here we go.

I want to create a blog, but how?

Easy, I’ll tell you in 4 easy steps!

1. What is your theme?

You know you want to write a blog but what is the theme that you will be writing about? Figure out the main topic of your blog and the information that you want to share with the world.

2. Who is your avatar?

Who are the people that you want your blog to cater to?

Are they male or female?

What is their age range?

What are their likes and dislikes?

What is their household income?

You’re not going to write about surviving your monthly visits from Aunt Dot to a male or how to survive high school to a 80 year old female that lives off of her social security checks.

3. What platform will you to use write your blog?

Now, that you know your topic, where are you going to post your blog? There are many places where you can publish your blog. The difference between most of the blogs are templates and price.

I personally use wix.com. I do get paid by wix.com; however, I have used Wix for all of my businesses beforehand. They have so many different templates to choose from, it’s user friendly and the best thing is, you can launch your website in less than 5 mins for FREE! Now of course there are different paid plans, but they are cheap and definitely worth it.

4. How will you market it?

Now that you know your topic, who is your audience and where you are going to write your content, now you need to figure out how you plan to market your blog.

Will it be on social media? If so, which platform? Where do your aviator spends most of their time?

I want to create a vlog, but how?

The same exact way as your blog, but in video form. The only difference is, I use Windows Movie Maker. I used this program for movies, slideshows and my YouTube post. You can edit, add music and pictures and upload it straight to YouTube. You can also post in your stories or IG page. ALL FOR FREE!

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