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So you decided that you want to start a business. You do your research of your market. You work on your business plan. You decide what products and services you want to sell. You go out and purchase everything you need to start your business and to 'open your doors'. You advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn about your 'Grand Opening'. You're nervous! You're scared! But You're ready! You're excited!

Today is the day! Today you are now open for business! You have a line down the block of consumers ready to spend their hard earn money at your business. You have so many online orders from people all around the country, sometimes it's hard to keep up. You're in heaven, but now business is doing better than expected and you can't handle everything on your own so you hire employees to help out. Next thing you know, you're opening a second location! You're not just a social media superstar, but you are also one in the community!

This is the scenario we play in our heads before we even put the pen to the paper to start writing ideas down about a possible business venture. Granted this scenario may take weeks, months or maybe even years to happen, but it will happen with hard work, dedication and drive.

You can have the best products and services the world has ever seen, but there is one thing that can make or break your business. There is one thing that can turn your baby from being the business that everyone loves to the business that everyone no longer wants to support

Think about your experiences when you order something online or when you go into a store. What is the #1 thing that will turn you off as a consumer? That one thing that may get underneath your skin without you even knowing it? Have you thought about it? Are we all on the same page? Let's say it together......




Bad customer service!

You can have everything a customer wants or needs, but if the customer service is bad, they wouldn't want to do business with you anymore. When they finish talking with you on the phone, email or in person, they will talk bad about the business to any and everyone that would listen. You may not have been the person they actually spoke to, but since your hired the person that they did speak to, they will talk bad about the entire establishment.

Your employees are a reflection of you. Make sure they have the right training. Play out different scenarios and see how they would react to the situation. If you are a one person show, treat others how you would want to be treated if the tables were turned.

Now, I'm not saying do everything the consumer says, but handle the situation in the most professional manner possible. Greet people when they come in, see if they need help finding anything (but don't stalk them in the store and ask every 5 seconds). If they send you an email or call you on the phone, be professional.

Yes, there are people that try to get around the system and just bring negative energy with them everywhere they go. Always want to speak to the manager or always trying to haggle the price. We're not talking about those people. We are talking about the people that actually want to support you, but get turned off my the attitude when the walk throw your door.

There are two types of establishments:

  1. 'It's a wonderful day at Chick-Fil-A. The sun is shining! The birds are chirping! And you are loved! How may we help you today?

  2. ''Go 'head'

Lmao!!! Ok, I know that was extreme, but you know what I mean. Be the Chick-Fil-A of your business. Have you noticed that Chick-Fil-A stay having a line wrapped around the entire building?! Their food is ok...but their customer service makes you feel appreciated so people keep going back time and time and time again.

All this to say, make customer service a priority in your business. I promise you that it will take your business to another level.

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