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Don't be a Wallflower

So you are on the verge of starting your business or maybe you already launched one..GREAT! Now how are you going to get the word out there about your new venture?

Yes, you can post on social media until your thumbs bleed, but how are you going to get traffic to your page or website?

The #1 way to get the traffic that you want to show off your goods and services is networking.

Networking can come in different forms. You can got to networking events, volunteer on your brands behalf, posting on other blogs/pages or reaching out with other entrepreneurs and partner with them. I know..I know...networking is out of A LOT of people's comfort zone, but like we spoke about a couple of weeks ago, great things happen when you are pushed to an uncomfortable place.

When you go to events, don't be the person that stands next to the wall hoping that someone will come up and start talking to you. You didn't pay money to attend that event or take time out of your day just to go and be a wall flower. Yes, these types of functions can be nerve racking. I mean what are you suppose to do or talk about? Well for starters....your baby of course!

I'm not saying go up to random people and just start talking about your business. This will be a MAJOR turn off to whoever you're trying to pitch to. People do business with people they 'know' or 'connect' with. Introduce yourself. Trying to find something that you both have in common and build from there. Honestly the first interaction, you may not even bring up your business. Focus on that relationship. Before you end the conversation, give them your card and invite them for coffee within the next couple of days. That second meeting is the start of a possible business relationship. I mean you're not going to leave and go on a date 5 secs after you meet someone right? Networking has the same mentality. It takes time and practice. The more you network, the more 'comfortable' you get with the process.

If you volunteer with organizations or other entrepreneurs, it shows that you not only care about your brand, but you care about your community as well. You are taking time out of your schedule to give back and you're not asking for anything in return. When you volunteer with the same organization or a network of entrepreneurs, you start to get to know each other and again build relationships. Eventually the conversation about what you do will come up. These people will most likely think of you first when someone comes across their path needing or wanting your goods and services. They trust you. They know you. And you will do the same with them if someone comes across your bath. Everything is a two way street. Don't be the person that always takes and never gives. You wouldn't want that in your person life right?

The thing that these networking situations have in common are building relationships.

Challenge yourself to go out, meet other entrepreneurs and hold a meaningful conversation and create relationships with them instead of holding up the wall. That's what the building's structure is there for. :)

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