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Envisioning Your Future

While you are speaking your dreams and/or goals into existence and making it happen (Speak It into Existence and Make It Happen), you should naturally have a vision of what car you want to drive or how you see your business in the future.

Something that helped me was taking my visions out of my head and putting them together so that I have a visual reminder of why I grind so hard. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am talking about a vision board. Creating a board is fun, relaxing and it helps when setting goals for yourself. When times start to get hard or when you’re frustrated and you start to doubt yourself, looking at your vision board could remind you of why you had that dream and/or goal in the beginning. This might sound silly, but it actually works…well for me at least lol.

There are so many free magazines that you can choose from to help with your vision board. I mean if you want to buy a magazine to cut up and use, then more power to you.

Normally grocery stores have free magazines near the door. Pick yourself up some on your way out. Different craft stores have cheap frames that you can use so that you can hang your vision board in your home. Pick a place that you normally hang out the most. If you’re always in front of the tv, then place your vision board next to it. Put it on the wall as soon as you walk in or out of the house. When you have your board in places that you normally are and in sight, then it would be a constant reminder to complete a task that you have been procrastinating for the last month. When I see my vision board one of my main thoughts is “OK Lish. Let me get up and _________. That X6 isn’t going to buy itself”.

So get up and create your vision board! Put pictures of things that you would like to accomplish, like giving back or buying your dream home. Also use pictures or words of motivation, encouragement, just something that would trigger an emotion out of you to go out and make moves.

Here is a picture of my last vision board....

Yeah that's Trigga Trey in the middle with the title "A Perfect Man For The Perfect Day"....a girl can dream right! LOL

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