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Finding Your Passion

*What do you like to do with your free time?

*What make you happy?

*What topic makes you glow when you think about it?

These are just a few questions to think about when you are trying to find your passion and purpose in life. Most of the time the things that you enjoy doing, you really don’t think about as passion or purpose. They are things that comes naturally.

Do you enjoy order and helping people? Why not become a personal assistant? Do you love decorating your house when the season changes or for the holidays? Have you thought about becoming an event planner? Maybe you are always positive and friends and family constantly come to you for advice because you always point them in the right direction. Have you thought about becoming a life coach? Do you love trying new foods and going to different restaurants? Have you considered being a food critic?

When you find your passion or purpose, everything else seems to fall into place. You become happier. It sounds weird right, but it’s true. When you think about what makes you happy, you focus on that instead of any negativity that you may have around you. Well, that’s how it is for me at least. This could be starting a business, volunteering, gardening, reading or writing. Whatever it is FIND IT, FOLLOW IT, and FULFILL IT! BE HAPPY!! There are many avenues and opportunities to help you mold your passion. You could find a mentor or google until your eyes pop out. There is information everywhere!

Personal Testimony:

It took me a while to find my passion. I always knew that I wanted to own my own business, but didn’t know what I wanted to do. I have my undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from THEE Johnson C. Smith University and obtained my Masters in Accountancy from University of Phoenix so why not start an accounting/bookkeeping firm right! I mean I have my degree so why not use it.

I opened my first business and realized that sitting in from of a computer all day looking at numbers wasn’t my thing. I always loved helping people start and plan out their businesses. If you told me that you thought about becoming an entrepreneur, I would be the one researching your competitors, rates, getting your business name completed with the Registrar of Deeds office, trying to get your TIN, etc before you even said you needed help. While networking my bookkeeping business, I realized that there are so many individuals that want to start their business but didn’t know how to take that first step. You can ask my friends, I am ALWAYS motivating them to follow their dreams in whatever aspect it may be. I believe that we are on this earth for a purpose, not just to work and pay bills.

As you're sitting down reading (I hope SOMEONE is out there reading this :)), I’m sure you thought about one thing that makes you happy. Take that thought and invest in it. I mean you are worth it…right?

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