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I Found My Passion… Now What?

So you actually sat down and thought about what you like to do, what you like to accomplish, what makes you happy. Now what? Invest in yourself. Do what makes you happy more often than none. If it’s a business, write a business plan. If it’s mentoring to the youth in the community, volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club or become a Big Brother or Big Sister. If you like looking at houses or visiting up and coming neighborhoods, become a real estate agent.

Whatever it is, do the research on it. How can you incorporate it in your everyday activities? My advice, get a planner and a journal. Write down your thoughts. As you know, nothing happens overnight and of course nothing goes according to plan, but “if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail”.

Nothing you write down is stupid or not good enough. This is just the first step. The hard part is getting your thoughts out of your head. Your mind continues to go nonstop and it’s like before you finish one thought another one pops in your head. Let’s use an example of starting your own business (it’s only right lol). You want to own your own bakery. Ok, great start! What do you plan to sell in your bakery? How many flavors do you plan to sell of each item? Where are you going to get these recipes from? The most important question of them all, CAN YOU REALLY BAKE? This may seem dumb, but seriously. Do you bake at home, church functions, holidays, just because?

Ok, I got it. I answered these questions. I’m excited! I’M GOING TO OPEN MY OWN BAKERY! I need to tell someone! WAIT! HOLD UP! WHOA THERE! (In my Big Sean voice)

This IS exciting news, but now you have to protect your baby. The main reason why I said to WRITE down your thoughts is because just because you are excited, doesn’t mean that everyone will be excited for you. Yea right, you may say. My family and friends love and support me. Trust me when I tell you, everything that glitters isn’t gold. Don’t get me wrong, there are some that will support you, but you have to be careful. Negative energy does travel and you don’t want it to disturb the fire you just built up in you.

So gather your thoughts. Write them down. Do your research. Trust me when I say that there is information out there. If you need help, feel free to reach out to me. That is what I are here for. To help those that want to be helped. To guide those that want to be lead. To CONNECT, EMPOWER, and create OPPORTUNITIES to those that are ready to take that leap of faith.

So if you are ready to take that leap of faith in whatever it may be follow me on Instagram and Facebook @TheAlishaYolandaExperience and post of picture yourself declaring that you found your passion, you’re fired up about it and am now speaking it into existence #FiredUp2017

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