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“It’s All about the First Step….”

When you want something what do you normally do? Go get it right? Yes, we all want something at some point and we get up and get it. I mean you can ask someone else to get it for you but I promise it won’t be the same.

HA! I have a 5-year-old and most people can attest that the greatest things about having a little human around is for you to become lazy and say, “Bring me _____!” It never fails. Most of the time when they bring it, they stop and do something else, decide to play with it, ask questions or drop it and move along. Think of you wanting to start or have a business and constantly asking everyone else for everything. What are you doing? A business runs the same way. YOU HAVE TO GO GET WHAT YOU WANT!

I started the journey by just writing down everything I ever wanted to own and do. Literally, multiple times and all day long I would doodle and daydream about the future. I, for some reason thought it may just fall out the sky. When you hear, “you have to work for what you want” that is a legit statement. However, they don’t tell you that fear will keep you from taking your first step.

One of my favorite bloggers @W8LetKiExplain always says, “Follow Me” sooooo.. Follow me (LOL):

I have always been business minded but I always wanted to help others reach their goals and achieve because I doubted myself and had a little bit of fear. I didn’t think I could do it. People love telling you what you can and can’t do and how you should do things but at the end of the day whose decision is it? YOURS! You must want it for yourself. I knew I was meant to be a business owner because I don’t like the typical 9-5, I get bored easily, I want freedom and I know I can keep everything together. The best part is doing what you love and loving what you do.

This was a looong process. Being a part of a “Microwavable Generation” meaning we want it hot instantly has always been a battle for me. I don’t mind working for what I want but sometimes we get helpless or caught up in doing for others and thinking we can tag along with what they have going and just ride their train. DON’T! It will get you too comfortable and you will not press forward.

Ok, I’m not the only one, right? Have you ever thought about starting something and then you say oh I’ll do it later or next week, tomorrow or even next month to start on the first? That is such a delay. I did that for so long all because I didn’t want to take the first step. I was afraid. Afraid of failure, if others would be interested, how I was going to connect myself, how I may be viewed, or what if this is just not it. I struggled for a while. I watched Steve Harvey’s video about Jumping, Will Smith about leaping, listened to my sister, helped and watched her start a foundation, and heard it numerous of times. It was easy for me to encourage and push everyone else but not myself. FEAR was taking over. I had everything written down but for some reason I just could begin.

Finally, one day, I made up my mind and posted my first event. Prior to this, I literally had all my business paperwork completed but not submitted, I had names, logos, websites and everything to start up a business. I was so afraid of me. I caught ahold of some faith and I just went for it. I received so much positive feedback and it was a relief. I had finally taken the first step. Regardless of what the step may be, TAKE IT! Do whatever it is that will get you going and once the wheels start turning don’t stop. You may have to slow down to go over some bumps, go around curves but the journey should not end until you have reached the destination.

Will it be easy, ABSOLUTELY NOT! However, I promise it will be worth it. You will have an experience and it will be a journey. Before all else…… TAKE THE FIRST STEP! You can do it! Don’t let fear keep you stuck in a place you don’t want to be!

More to come…. Much Success,

D’Asia B.

Founder of Anchor'D Events

Instagram @anchordevents

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