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Living vs Existing

Is your daily routine to wake up, go to work, go home, cook dinner, go to bed, repeat?

Do you go to work to get a paycheck that is just enough to cover your monthly bills?

I honestly believe that we were created to enjoy life and accomplish great things. Whether it’s exploring your city, volunteering, traveling or starting your own business. Why are we stuck on the same things day in and day out with minimum excitement going on in our lives? I noticed that people that live just to exist are more depressed or anti-social.

Have you ever asked someone what they enjoy doing in their free time and they didn’t have a reply? Or have you ever asked a parent what they enjoyed doing and their answer was my joy comes from watching my children grow up and for them to be happy. Now, no I do not have any children, but as Sweetpea said in Baby Boy, “Momma gotta have a life too”. I have personally noticed that when parents live their lives through their children are lost and lonely when their child gets of age and leaves the house or state. They never had their own “me time” to figure out what they actually enjoyed to do by themselves or with friends. Some parents don't even have friends to go out with because their focus has always been their household.

Yes, I know I’m babbling, but these are just my thoughts. I just noticed that the people that are out living life seem to be happier. It could be a front, but outside looking in this is what I see. Living life could be exploring a new restaurant once a month or going to a new spot in the city. When this is done you are breaking the cycle, meeting new people and having new conversations.

So let’s go out and live life together and make wonderful memories!

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