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Perfection vs Procrastination

Perfection - the quality or condition of being perfect; extreme degree of excellence according to a given standard (Collins English Dictionary)

Procrastination - to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Excuses are tools of the incompetence, used to build bridges no nowhere and monuments to nothingness. Those who use them seldom amount to anything, therefore there should be no excuses. (TBƩ HO)

So you have decided to start your business. You have done hours and hours of research on a particular topic. You started purchasing items for your business that you will use to make decorations, merchandise, office supplies and equipment. You are ready! You are excited! But you have yet to set your launch date or grand opening. You have been planning for months or even years now, but you are still not in business. Why? I mean, this is your dream right? You have been preparing to become a business owner right?

When I ask people this question, the main response is that they are not ready yet. My reply is usually, “OK, what are you waiting for?” Some rebuttals that I have received are,

I haven’t made the perfect setting yet or

My website isn’t perfect yet or

I don’t have the perfect bags and boxes to place my items in after a sell

Or my favorite

It’s not perfect yet

OK, cool. So when will everything be perfect? How will you know you have made the perfect setting or your website is to perfection or that you have the perfect bags? The next rebuttal is, “I’ll just know”.

How long have you been working on perfecting everything so that it is what you dreamed of? Has it been just couple of weeks? Has it been longer? Guess what?! Nothing will EVER be perfect. As soon as you have one idea and you start to work on it another idea will pop in your head and now you are changing the entire layout. Now you are working on this new idea and AGAIN, another idea pops up. This will become a never ending cycle and before you know it five years has past you by and you are still in the same spot.

Answer me this, have you not started your business because it’s not perfect to your standards or are your procrastinating because you are scared of being a business owner, being your own boss or failure?

Once you are honest with yourself, you will start to adjust your mindset and your priorities. You will either do it or you won’t, but hopefully you won’t let fear interrupt you from being great and fulfilling your calling.

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