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Resting B*tch Face

I came across this article on Entrepreneur.com (People Judge Your Face and It Could Affect Your Professional Prospects) and definitely found it interesting and funny for that matter. Ever since Smith (THEE Johnson C. Smith University) days, I had to defend my facial expressions. I’m always asked why do you look so mean? What’s wrong with you? Smile. Truth be told, I’m just chilling. I don’t feel any type of way and most likely I’m not even thinking about anything. My friend Kim ALWAYS gets on me about my “resting b*tch face”. I blamed it on being a northerner. We’re just chill individuals and we mind our own business.

But I do have to agree with the article. When I ask people what was their first impression of me, their response was, “I thought you were a b*tch, but after I got to know you, you end up down to earth.” I am down to earth. I may be a little petty at times, but I’m a real cool person! Lol

Honesty, to this day I’m still working on my face. During job interviews and networking events, I always have to tell myself to smile, show some teeth and nod. I don’t want the person I speaking with to think that I am uninterested in what they are talking about and I definitely don’t want my clients and customers to think negatively on me. As the saying goes, your first impression is a lasting impression.

So work with me world! I’m definitely a work in progress.

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