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Speak It into Existence and Make It Happen

Now, I’m not a preacher or anything of that nature, nor am I trying to put religion on you, but I do believe in the power of the tongue. Someone may not even finish reading this without the thought, “Oh, here she goes with that bible stuff.” Everyone has their own beliefs right, but here me out.

I do believe that the tongue can speak life or death. If you want to become a business owner, speak it! If you want that car, speak it! If you want that house, speak it! Now, I’m not saying if you speak it, it will automatically happen. No, you spoke it into the atmosphere, you have complete faith that it will happen, now go and make it happen! Do the leg work, research, budget, make a plan and EXECUTE IT! You have to start from somewhere. You just can’t lay around EXPECTING something to fall into your lap. If that was the case, we would all be happy doing what we love. So get up and make it happen. If you need help, ask. Trust me when I tell you, someone else is just waiting for you to say the word to help you out. But be careful who you open up to, not everyone is on your side. (see Your Support System)

When I have a goal that I want to reach, I always have these three things in the back of my head.

1. Faith without works is dead

2. Piss Poor Preparation Promotes Piss Poor Performance. Piss Poor Performance Promotes Pain

3. When I went to Family Feud, Steve Harvey made a statement, “God didn’t give you a vision for no reason. If you can imagine it, then it is your destiny. Nothing is too far to reach without hard work.”


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