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Trust The Process

It sucks, doesn't it? In my mind I have things figured out, based on my personal comfort and content level. Certain things I'm more willing to do than others. Never taking into account what God really requires from me in this particular season. We have to acknowledge what worked last year or last month, may not be to the standard God is trying to raise us to or push us into. We disregard moments of silence and fall into a cycle of frustration. Now, everything that is happening is TO us, not FOR our good.

Seasons change. Fall is quickly approaching, and even though it's still feeling like summer we know the air will get cooler, the days will get shorter. These are signs we take into account while adjusting our own behaviors. We can cut the air off in the house, pull out the sweaters, switch up our hair, even pick up some new items to anticipate the change. If the weather app says the temperature is going to drop twenty degrees, you're not going to put on sandals and clothes from summer vacation. So, why can't we provide the same level of attentiveness when it comes to God shifting our personal seasons? Why are we resisting what absolutely has to happen?

We were never in control.

Our lives weren't designed to only accommodate ourselves. Honestly - we should actually be grateful God is using us despite our mess. Instead, we're like, "God I just ain't ready right now. Find somebody else that's willing. I'm sure they can do a better job than me."

What if that "right now" moment never presents itself?

We don't know it all.

I know, I know, we got hella degrees and stuff…accolades. We feel real educated and whatnot; able to analyze whatever is available and make sense of it. This faith walk doesn't work that way. I've wasted so much time trying to make sense of something, when it's not my job to do! This is where frustration begins. So where does it come from and how can we address this?

Our unwillingness to participate is the issue. I didn't want to leave my bubble of comfort. I thought my current state was good enough - and we know what happens when we are left up to our own thoughts. Our dreams and desires can't excel further than our present intelligence. It doesn't tap into the source that has infinite power and wisdom for every circumstance we may see ourselves in. I didn’t want to show up to the table that was designed exclusively for me. I wanted to sit at someone else's or take a totally different road, be hardheaded and not sit down at all. THAT is what caused and causes my frustration.

So now that that's out of the way, #howwegonact? We can either trust that God will steer and provide us with what we need at the exact moment we need it OR operate out of our own strength..which won't be enough to endure. Don't be in such of a rush to get to the finish line - embrace the journey…and His perfect timing. He will never withhold any good thing from His children.

Be willing.

Be present.

Be patient.

Take risks.

Allow yourself the grace to fail.

Allow yourself the grace to grow from failure.

The process isn't perfect, but it is purposeful.

By Kiara Arnold of WaitLetKiExplain.com

Instagram @W8LetKiExplain

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