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We All We Got

Now this post isn't about only buying black, but it is about supporting one another. Why is it that the dollar stays in the Black community for maybe 6 hours, while in other communities the dollar has AT LEAST a two week cycle? Why are we not able to hold on to the dollar just a little while longer?

There are so many minority owned businesses all over the country; however, many of them fail by being noticed and supported. We are so quick to purchase from Michael Kors, Louie or even Targé (Target), but we won’t go next door to support our own. If we don’t support our own, then who will?

On the flip side, we as business owners have to take pride in ourselves and our business. The main reason I hear why some people don’t support us is that the customer service is terrible. Now I have to agree with that. I have been to numerous establishments where that person behind the counter seemed like they didn’t want to be there. This isn’t entirely on the business owners fault, as they did hire the individuals, but we need to take pride in everything that we do.

You as an employee(s) are the face of the business. What you portray is what the customer is going to categorize their entire experience by. We all know that word of mouth is how we normally get our business. If the customer service is terrible, you better believe that is how customers will describe the store to their peers. This will turn a future customer off from even going to support the business.

So let’s support one another and pride ourselves in everything we do. Someone is always watching and waiting on your downfall.

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