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What You Say?!

Before you become an entrepreneur and even after you launched your business, you go through the process of writing down and sorting your ideas. You automatically have a vision of what you want to happen, what you want to create and/or where you see yourself in the future. You may not know how to get to your end goal, but you will figure it out on the way. This is your baby! You’re working night and day trying to be the next IT person in fashion, health, entertainment, technology, business, etc. You will want to protect your baby....your brand at all cost. This is COMPLETELY understandable and justified.

I noticed that some entrepreneurs, not all, get offended when other people give them advice on what they are doing with their business. Honestly, it doesn’t even have to be business related. Some people in general get offended when others give advice to them when they didn’t ask for. Next thing you know we label those individuals as haters or that they bring negative energy to you. You know what?! SOME of them ARE haters and always HAVE to put their two cents in EVERYTHING. This becomes aggravating after a while and eventually you start to distance yourself from those people.

But what if I told you that all advice isn’t bad advice. What if some of those people actually have good intentions because they WANT you to succeed. As entrepreneurs, and as people in general, we seem to think we know it all and it doesn’t matter what other think. Yes, this mindset could be useful in some situations, but definitely not all. Just think about it for a second.

I had someone give me unsolicited advice about my business this week. I could have been like, ‘Girl, please! Who asked you?’ and felt some type of way about her. Then unconsciously it would have negatively affected my day. You know sometimes it’s hard to let things go right then and there. I will be honest, initially I did feel some type of way, but then my next thought was, well if she thought this, then how many more people felt this way? How can I continue to get my point across as a business owner and still incorporate the advice given? In this situation, the advice was simple and can be easily done. I definitely appreciate her and her honesty because sometimes people won’t say anything at all just so they can witness your downfall. On the other hand, some people don’t say anything because they don’t know how their advice would be interpreted. I appreciate when other people reach out, especially of the same culture, because I love when we work together. There is enough room for all of us to be successful.

All of this to say, welcome advice. Some people has been in your shoes before. They are not saying change your entire business structure. They are just giving you something to think about that possibility hasn’t crossed your mind. If they are a consumer of some sort, you should definitely hear what they have to say because without consumers, your business wouldn’t exist.

Again, I’m not saying take ALL advice that comes your way. Through it all, you will know where the intentions are good and when those people want to help you succeed. It’s OK to open our ears, close our mouths and learn.

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