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Your Support System

You found your passion. You have an idea of what you want to do. You’re excited and you want the entire world to know.

From personal experience and from speaking with other entrepreneurs, the people that you EXPECT to support you unfortunately do not. Some may tell you that they are proud of you, can’t wait for you to start or will be your number one fan. But when it’s time to actually support, they are no where to be found. You may also have those people that tell you that you’re not good enough to pull something off like that or why would you want to even do that, you should do this instead. You are starting get the opposite reaction of what you THOUGHT you were going to get and you become discouraged. You start doubting your own self. Now you pushed this thing that you always wanted to do in the back of your mind so that you would try to forget about it.

DON’T. Believe it or not, everyone out there doesn’t have an entrepreneurial spirit. They don’t dream big or want others to dream big for that matter. They want you to stay miserable just like them and do the things they like to do. Lord forbid your idea takes off, they think that you will leave them and you would think that are too good for them. Don’t let that negative energy put salt on your fire. To me, the more doubter that I have, the more I want to prove them wrong. It actually increases the fire that I originally had in me. I’m not going to lie, besides immediate family and some friends, my biggest supports were other entrepreneurs. People that didn’t know me had invested in me more than people that may have been in my life for years.

From all of that, I just wanted to say don’t get discourage. You ARE enough! Surround yourself with like-minded people. If it was easy to do, then everyone would do it.

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