“It was all a dream"

but what if it could be a reality?

So you have an idea of a business, but that it, it’s just an idea! 


You’re now thinking…Where do I start? How do I start? Where do I go from here? How do I make this happen? How did (someone who has the same kind of company you want to start) do it? How should my logo look? What would I sell? How much money should I charge?  Is it enough to live off of?  I hear people talking about an LLC, should I do that too? Are there other options?

These were some of the many questions I asked myself before taking a leap of faith and starting my business.  I had so many questions but not enough answers.  I would daydream about owning my business, get excited about the idea, but then get frustrated because I didn’t know what my next step should be.

Imagine this…you wake up and you have a notification on your phone that you made $5,000 while you were sleeping? You smile, you put your phone down, sit up and start to meditate. After you finish your morning routine, you get out of bed and open the blinds. The sun is shining, the sky is baby blue and you look down and see your dream car parked in your driveway.  You look around and noticed that you are living in your dream house.


How do you feel?


No, really, how do you feel?


What if this was your everyday reality? 

In order for it to come to fruition, you have to stop dreaming and start working.


This Business Plan Workbook was created with you in mind. I didn’t have any guidance on what I should do and the questions I should be thinking about. I searched google high and low, attended business seminars, read books, all to help point me in the direction that I should go.


I wanted to help answer the questions that you may have, all in one location instead of searching the internet day and night like I did.

What’s included:


  • Understanding “Your Why” – Without knowing this, you will easily get unmotivated to continue your journey

  • Types of Business Entities – What are the advantages and disadvantages for each business entities

  • 50+ Questions to Help You Complete Your Business Plan (Marketing/Market Analysis, Products/Services, Implementation, Management)

  • Budgeting – One-time cost, Monthly cost, What you need to make before you leave your 9-5

  • Fee Structure – What is the minimum amount you can charge for a product/service

  • Taxes – What you should put aside for taxes

This is NOT for you if


  • You’re not ready to do the work

  • You expect overnight success

  • You don’t like taking risks

  • You’re not ready to gain another stream of income

“I love this workbook! It’s a great start for a person who is new at the idea of being a business owner.  I would also share with a person who is not a business owner.  A lot of helpful information! I learned somethings that I didn’t know or have not considered in the past.” – Kenya Dawson


“I appreciate that it’s a workbook because it really makes the person or business partners reflect on their why and purpose.  Very international approach to implementing and owning a business.:” Monica Rochon



“I read through the book and it has everything!  It walks you through writing a business plan that can help you get a business loan and calculating budget and taxes.  A good way to gain momentum if you don’t know where to start – Demoria Davis

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©2020 by Alisha Yolanda.